About enValue
enValue Consulting  is committed to integrating the world's top intellectual resources and purifying local business insights,
enabling Chinese companies to fulfill their mission and values.
Focus on developing leaders, we provide Master insights, crossover learning and leadership programs and services to
corporate clients. Founded by seasoned leadership consultants, our offerings help business leaders to create powerful
strategies, manage changes and lead people to achieve excellence. We are the exclusive partner of Mandel Communications.
1. Master Insights
Connect directly with world-class thinkers, we introduce the latest ideas and
insightful thoughts to our audience. Specialized in the most critical areas
essential for today’s business growth , include, but are not limited to,
Corporate Strategy, Innovation, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Business Model
Design and Big Data, our thought leaders are renowned business book
authors, faculty at the most prestigious business schools and former C-level
executives of renowned corporations.  Now they are available to work
hand-in-hand with Chinese senior executive teams, offering their expertise
and experience, groundbreaking concepts and advice on issues and
opportunities via either project-based or ongoing advisory engagements.
Together, we create advisory relationships that generate organic innovation
and tangible values.
2. Crossover Learning
Benchmarking global best practices, we help executives to gain an in-depth
understanding of cutting-edge technologies and advanced concepts,
triggering the self-evolving of mindset. Through action learning, our clients
can quickly reach a consensus and generate innovative solutions on the
strategic direction and business challenges of the organization. We provide a complete set of customized services from project design to implementation,
covering a variety of learning formats such as master classes, benchmarking  visits, strategic workshops, industry summits, cultural experiences and
knowledge internalization.
3. Leadership programs
Partner with top-line resource, we screen and select the world class
leadership programs and introduce widely proven methodologies and
managerial tools. With the aim of resolving the management challenges of
leading local companies, we create a highly engaging immersive experience
and achieve efficient and effective learning outcomes. Our programs focus
on the corporate strategic need for talent, orientated around supporting
business development, including the ability to improve business acumen,
leadership development, succession planning and other fields.
Business Contact Information
Beijing Office
          51 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Shanghai Office
        Everbright Anshi Center, 398 Huoshan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China